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Siem Reap, Cambodia8 hours

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One of the oldest sacred constructions Prasat Kravan was built in 921: five sanctuaries with elegant shapes dedicated at the cult of Visnu, built of break and aligns on a base face East. Breaks were also used to build in 952 Mebon: Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva constructed on a tiny island in the centre of the now dry Eastern Baray.
Nine years later the King Rajendravarman built Pre Rup: huge mountain -temple with warm ochre color. In the golden period of Jayavarman VII were built the huge Buddhist temple Pra Kan: the "sacred sword" temple and Banteay Kdey: Buddhist monastic complex and Neak Poan: Buddhist temple known for its “coiled serpents” represented here. The small central temple sits in the centre of a lotus pattern made up of five pools. Srah Srang: picturesque baray. Visit of Ta Keo, Thommanon, Srah Srang and Ta Som