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Siem Reap, Cambodia8 hours

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Departure from Banteay Samre, a fabulous sanctuary of XII century dedicated to the cult of Vishnu, it has been one of the best restorations done with the anastilosi method. The visit continues with Banteay Srey: "The citadel of the women", consecrated in 967. Completely surrounded by jungle, seems very little, as miniaturize temple, but is a miracle of elegance and harmonize proportion with spectacular bass-relief which represent the apex of the figurative art of Khmer.
A third spectacular example of Khmer art is surrounded by jungle: Beng Mealea. The central Prasat collapsed as many other buildings, but we can still admire decorations, bass-relief very well executed. . The way is hard and there is some footbridges but sometimes is necessary to walk over ruins and go trough little passage as a “Treasure hunting” .