Evening Calypso Cabaret Show

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Bangkok, ThailandAttractions/Entertainment

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Enjoy a singular experience where you can see for yourself how sometimes boys can be girls in Bangkok! Seeing is believing at the Cabaret Show Calypso where all of the performers are boys. This type of cabaret has become highly popular in Pattaya and Phuket but here the difference is that the performance has been choreographed and directed by a westerner, making it one of the best. A show where a group of top artistes will thrill and entertain you with a series of songs and sketches about love and adventure, accompanied by an incomparable light and sound show. Dazzling costumes compete with sumptuous sets in a show that has something for everyone. There will be sound, music and action when the lady boys come on stage. Take your seat and wait for the lights to go down. Then just before the curtain comes up, a deep masculine voice whispers “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight you will see before your eyes, the most beautiful girls in Thailand”. Hold your breath, the curtain is about to go up. Let the show begin. Just sit back and enjoy an unforgettable, show-stopping performance.