Evening Thai Boxing Match

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Bangkok, ThailandAttractions/Entertainment

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Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing is Thailand’s own national sport and is followed with real passion all over the country. The origin of this martial art is tied closely to the history of the Thai people. In past centuries, this gentle and peace-loving people had to defend itself from aggressive neighbours and therefore developed a hand-to-hand combat suited to the local terrain. It was a dangerous sport in ancient times with no safety measures at all with the exception of long cords bound around the fists. The first combats confronted several companies of the Siamese army in a free for all with hardly any rules. The sport is still aggressive but it is now practiced according to international rules in order to reduce the high risks of death and injury. It has also become a ritual for many Thais who train in this art in order to show off their skills in unarmed combat in rings all over the country. Muay Thai is the proud legacy of a nation that has become popular all over the world, practiced by hundreds of thousands of people. A must for anyone with an interest in the culture of this fascinating country.