Full Day Karen Longneck And 5 Different Hilltribes From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Visit longneck hill tribes village at Chiang Dao area ; Akha lives at high altitudes and their villages are recognized by their carved wooden gates adorned with all manner of guardian spirits. Continue to visit The Lisu, as many other hill tribes have their origins in Burma. Some consider the Lisu to be the best-looking of all the tribes, and it’s because of this that they tend to be the least bashful. Afterwards visit Lahu; The word "Lahu" means “hunter,” and they are also famous for their knowledge of herbal medicine. Then visit Karen is skilled farmers and use elephants to help them clear land. Karen women are highly skilled in weaving, sewing and dyeing cloth and visit Palong are easily recognized by the striking custom of their women: red sarong like garments, mostly a blue jacket with red collar and broad silver waistbands lunch is provided en route. On the way back to Chiang Mai visit longneck village at Mae rim. Women of the tribe have worn ornamental brass rings for centuries. Afterwards make a short stop at orchid farm then return to the hotel.