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Siem Reap, Cambodia8 hours

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There are 276 listed buildings in the Angkor area and you can go hunting for some hidden treasures. Not far from the south gate of Angkor Thom is the magnificent temple mountain Baksei Chamkrong, behind which rise the three towers of stone sanctuary Prasat Bei and just off the lone Thma Kaek Bay. Wild and powerfulis the scene of the West Gate, near which, in the thick of the bush, we discover the lonely beauty of Prasat Top West where, on the other side of the Bayon, the pair Mangalartha ago, the last Prasat built in Angkor. A few steps away from the crowded square the Terrace of the Elephants is surprising to discover the silent, solitary beauty of Preah Pithu.
A walk of less than a mile, in profound silence of the bush, leading to the shrine of Ta Nei, one of the jewels of the period ofJayavarman VII hidden from the eyes of many. Just as quiet and lonely, but close to places overrun by coach tourists, are the Prei Prasat Banteay Prei contiguous and both dating from the late twelfth century.